5 Things That Samsung Printers Won’t Do


By now, you’ve likely heard a great deal about what Samsung multifunction printers’ (MFPs) multifaceted solutions can do for enterprises, including everything from streamlining document workflows to arming mobile employees with the tools they need to get more done on the go.

Now, we’d like to share a few things that Samsung’s MFPs won’t do – and why that makes them solid solutions for your business.


1. Samsung MFPs Won’t Slow You Down

Though it may sound cliché, no two businesses are alike, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for their needs. This is especially true of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), whose needs tend to be more unique than their larger counterparts.

The beauty of the Smart UX Center is that it’s built to accommodate a wide range of document management needs. Samsung knows that businesses manage their document workflows differently, which is why the Android-powered touchscreen interface outfitting its multifunction printers is not only intuitive but completely customizable.


5 Things That Samsung Printers Won’t Do


This allows offices to optimize their printer to offer quick and easy access to the apps and functions they need, so they can work faster and more efficiently.


2. They Won’t Tie You Down

The cloud continues to revolutionize the way SMBs do business, enabling offices to boost productivity and work more flexibly by ditching servers and managing data remotely.


5 Things That Samsung Printers Won’t Do


That’s where Samsung Cloud Print comes in. This intuitive solution makes it easy for offices – especially those which rely on BYOD policies, or feature workforces that are constantly on the move – to comfortably print cloud-stored documents from their desktop or mobile device.

Your files are ready to print whenever you need them, and safeguarded by stout, 256-bit encryption on all connections (mobile-cloud, cloud-printer and mobile-printer).


3. They Won’t Be a Security Liability

Speaking of security, these days, a poorly protected printer can be easy prey for hackers. Why, just last year, a supposedly well-meaning hacktivist by the name of Stackoverflowin claimed that he hacked 150,000 unsecured printers in an effort to raise awareness of that fact.

Offices with Samsung MFPs can rest assured that their data will be safe from the likes of Stackoverflowin and his less “noble” ilk thanks to the devices’ multi-layered security.


5 Things That Samsung Printers Won’t Do


The Samsung Security Framework safeguards information throughout the document life cycle, encompassing everything from data encryption to document management. The system also offers IT admins the tools they need to efficiently manage changes to permissions and other security functions, ensuring that your printers remain safe and functioning at optimal levels.


4. They Won’t Lead to Wasteful Costs

Inefficient printers cost SMBs time and money. Samsung MFPs, however, feature a raft of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) solutions designed to help businesses save both.

Take the new ProXpress M4560FX, for instance. High yield toner capacities allow the devices to print 40,000 pages per toner cartridge and 100,000 pages per drum, which enables businesses to spend less time (and money) on replacements and more time being productive.


5. They Won’t Quit on You

We highlight TCO because multi-function printers are big investments for any office. Which is why the MFP that you select for your business not only needs to be cost-effective, it also needs to be built to last.


5 Things That Samsung Printers Won’t Do


Samsung printers have time and again demonstrated exceptional durability and longevity, as exhibited with Industry Analysts’ rigorous one million page test of the MultiXpress 7 (MX7) series – a test that saw the device print a whopping 330,000 pages before running into its first jam.

In addition, the Smart Update app allows Smart UX Center-enabled MFPs to automatically download the latest firmware updates – ensuring that the devices are up to date, and saving IT admins precious time.

Exceptional flexibility, security, and time- and money-saving solutions make Samsung MFPs sound investments that won’t let your business down.