European Partners Get Hands-On for Printing’s Paradigm Shift

“Impressive,” “inspirational” and “fantastic” are just some of the words used by the attendees to describe Samsung Printing Solutions’ European Printing Partner Summit.

Held June 8-9 in Budapest, the two-day event brought together 250 attendees from 22 European countries under the theme of “The Next Big Thing in Printing Solutions.”

With Smart UX Center’s innovations in usability and Samsung Cloud’s improved services, the company is creating a paradigm shift in printing and document management. But more than giving a rundown of the latest tech and specs, Samsung focused on real-world solutions and demonstrations from a consumer’s point of view.


Samsung’s Vision and a Paradigm Shift

The summit started with a presentation session, revolving around sharing Samsung’s vision for the future of printing and emphasizing the importance of a “connected” workplace. Dr. Kiho Kim, head of Samsung Printing Solutions, gave a keynote speech that day outlining Samsung’s two innovations and its plans for their seamless implementations to office settings. He promised that the two, the Smart UX Center and Samsung Cloud, will be provided through an easy transition, dramatic cost reduction with an expanded business portfolio.

160617_Blog_European Partners Get Hands-On for Printing’s Paradigm Shift

Dr. Kim also brought up the importance of realizing the changing market and demands due to the rise of Internet of Things (IoT). Since more offices are looking to be connected completely, he suggested four core elements, mobility & cloud, digitization, security and customization, as a solution for this change.

The demo sessions that took place soon after the keynote introduced the four elements in further detail. By focusing in on case studies for small, medium and large organizations, servicing, and future trends in the industry. A Hungarian client found the sessions especially helpful and said, “The Middle session demo was especially impressive! I hope the dealers who did not know about Samsung solution before got a chance to learn about the brand and introduce it to their clients.”

After that, there was also a Q&A session with five leading figures from Samsung. There was a variety of topics brought up, with questions about the Paid Account Solution at Samsung’s subsidiary PrinterOn, the dissemination plans for MPS, and when Samsung will be ready to fully implement its next-generation technology to various devices.


Going In-Depth by Getting Hands-On

160617_Blog_European Partners Get Hands-On for Printing’s Paradigm Shift

The European Printing Partners Summit then featured a demonstration session, with the focus shifting to technical demonstrations and hands-on solutions. Visitors were invited to experience Samsung’s proposed solutions themselves at the Technical Hall area. At the hall, there were seven booths demonstrating a series of exhibitions with a total of 39 solutions throughout the day.

“I loved that Samsung added software and customer value into their explanations of the Android-based printer,” said a client from Romania. “Explaining workflow not just as a solution but connecting it to everyday life was very realistic.”

Another visitor from Italy agreed, saying, “I was very impressed by the idea of demonstrating the solution without introducing a new hardware. It even made me want to organize a workshop on the same solution for this upcoming month.”


Launching New Channels and New Opportunities

In addition to highlighting the company’s wide range of leading hardware and software solutions, Samsung also announced the launch of its Channel Managed Print Services (MPS) + Plus program. The Channel MPS+ program is intended to provide simple, automated, low-cost MPS solutions for partners.

The program is designed to help partners manage MPS more effectively while creating additional revenue streams. The program package provides automatic toner replacement at fixed prices for three years, a choice from two types of maintenance contracts, and other features such as configuration, order and installation, contract and proposals, monitoring, support and billing.

The Samsung Channel MPS Print + program is scheduled to launch in the United Kingdom and Belgium in June, and will roll out across much of Europe throughout the year.


Changing Paradigms Takes Time

Samsung embarked on its journey to change the paradigms of the printing industry at CeBIT back in 2013, and has continued to develop its innovative approaches to document and printing solutions since then. There were many events organized for our dealers and partners all over the world similar to this in the past, including the one in the United States in 2015 and the other in Central and South America in April of this year.

160617_Blog_European Partners Get Hands-On for Printing’s Paradigm Shift

With the IoT, cost controls and security only growing more important for the future of managed print solutions, Samsung is pleased to be working closely with its partners to develop win-win relationships for businesses everywhere.



Source: European Partners Get Hands-On for Printing’s Paradigm Shift