Real Printing for the Real World

Every industry has its own unique standards for operation, employee management and customer service. In each tier of business, there are different equipment needs for maximizing efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Printers, for example, have uses beyond the home and office environment. In fact, they even act as representatives when it comes to interacting with customers in some sectors, affecting the overall experience of a business.

This is especially true for multi-function printers (MFPs) in the fields of finance, hospitality and education. Printers in these industries interact with customers just as often as a staff member would. The MFPs are essential tools not only for business growth, but also to make positive impressions on behalf of business.

Corporations, business and institutions of all sizes find Samsung Printing Solutions’ Professional MX multi-function printer lineup fitting perfectly with their mission to provide clients and customers with innovative, time and cost-saving solutions. Powerful performance systems and premium product standards are reasons why the Buyer’s Laboratory (BLI) continuously awards Samsung Printers with top honors.


Customer Demands in the Digital Age

Postbank AG is the Germany’s largest retail bank with an estimation of 14 million customers in total. In many of Postbank AG’s branches, self-service is playing an increasingly important role in providing over 1 million customers the various services offered by the company daily.

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Postbank AG has been providing customers with Samsung Printing Solutions’ self-service copying services since 2008. Now, with a new set of customer requirements, Samsung and Postbank AG have brought their extended partnership into the digital age.

“Nowadays, smartphones or tablets are where all types of documents are stored. They often have to be printed directly from the device onto paper while the customer is out and about,” said Markus Woll, specialist at Postbank Filialvertrieb AG.

After examining various solution service options that would be able to handle these types of requirements, Postbank AG chose Samsung again. Samsung is able to deliver reliable, cost-efficient and secure solutions, offering its customers a full range of printing, copying and scanning services.

The Samsung ProXpress M4583FX can now be found in 1,000 Postbank AG branches, and is the first time the functions provided are not restricted to just copying. Security is guaranteed at each stage of the data processing since there isn’t a network connection at any time.

The Android-based Smart UX Center on the Samsung ProXpress M4583FX will be simple and familiar for customers to use, adding a new level to modern banking.


Printing Solutions that Help Students Succeed

Printers are regarded as one of the most important tools in education, with students and faculty across the globe printing, scanning and copying millions of documents each day.

Completed homework assignments, reports and dissertations make their way from various devices and computers to the library and school printers, printing out documents that can determine the next phase in a student’s academic career.

With this level of importance, it is imperative that the printers are equipped with the right digital tools and security features. Samsung’s MX7 series are the optimal solution for any large education institution with a high volume of printing.

Almost all student have access to a connected device, making navigation through the MX7’s intuitive Android-based interface and Smart UX App Center straightforward. Being able to connect to the printer through NFC and Wi-Fi allows for fast, efficient and secure printing. Students can also use the Samsung Cloud Print app to send printing jobs to the school printer from anywhere, inside or outside the campus.


Business Travel Simplified

The last thing anyone wants on a business trip is to lose a briefcase or laptop bag, or forget to bring a presentation.

Some hotels are now providing Samsung ProXpress MFPs in their business centers to accommodate business travelers to the best of their ability. The ProXpress can help produce documents fast while maintaining an unbeatable print-quality, preparing users for their next meeting. All of these qualities place the ProXpress series printers to the top hotel amenities for any frequent business travellers.

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Having a reliable and durable printer that can easily and securely connect to a traveler’s mobile device without needing to connect to a network might be more appealing than the hotel pool.

When a business chooses a Samsung ProXpress printer, suitable for its needs, productivity will immediately improve and there will be a noticeable reduction in costs, all while being easy to use.

Just like computers and mobile devices adjusted nowadays to the digital age, Samsung’s ProXpress printers have changed to meet the needs of the digital world from today and tomorrow.

Source: Real Printing for the Real World